About US

General facts

China Institute of FTZ Supply Chain was co-established by Shanghai Urban Construction and Communications Commission, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administrative Commission, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Maritime University. We has extensive collaborative ties with over 30 institutions such as government departments and local authorities, universities, research institutes, industry associations, enterprises as well as many global research entities from Germany, Singapore, HongKong and other countries and areas around the globe.

Having the geographical privilege of being the closest to most of the bonded zones of Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ) located in Shanghai Pudong District and to China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administrative Commission, the university where we are based has faculties, departments and subjects that represent the closest relationships with FTZ-related disciplines. With access to expertise and purpose-built facilities, our institute has extensive collaborative ties within the university and with entities both in China and from abroad. We are active in the innovational development of the institutional structure and collaboration mechanism adopting a market-oriented, social and coordinated innovative operation mode.

We address significant FTZ-related issues such as shipping services, logistics services, customs and Inspection and Quarantine (IQ), supply chain policies, APEC supply chain, supply chain intelligence, shipping and talent development. We provide a whole range of practices of research and consulting, political, industrial, academic and research collaboration, overseas collaboration, higher education and training, information release etc.

We have 52 collaboration agencies as partners of The Institute since our inception, among which are 21 governmental departments, 15 enterprises, 4 domestic universities, 9 industrial associations and 3 international research institutes.

We have 4 sub-institutions based at our university, 5 cooperation agencies, 3 co-establish agencies, 3 social certification platforms and 3 international collaborative research centers.


Located in Shanghai, facing China and embracing the world, we will continue to provide support in aspects of strategy, methodology and intelligence for the adjustment to the international investment and trade agreements with high standards during the sustainable development of Shanghai Free Trade Zone. We will move forward for the integrated development of the supply chain and industrial chain in Shanghai FTZ of which the efforts are to be contributed to the upgrading of Shanghai International Shipping Center. We will work hard to function as a research hub for both academic research and commercial communication by bringing together highly skilled talents. Basically, our aim is to develop a new type of social community that is highly integrated with Shanghai FTZ.


We are poised and ready to function as a research institute combining coordinated international communications, bringing together expertise from wherever it needed-across borders, industries, disciplines, platforms, research and development teams.


Keeping with the principles of the integrated development of the supply chain and industrial chain, we will work to press ahead scientific research, provide services in regard to social needs and cultivate talents across multiple disciplines so as to address challenges the global supply chain and economy faces.


We are an institute that provides open and market-oriented, social and international academic research, consulting services as well as education and training. We strive to achieve outcomes of activities of “accumulating resources within the university, implementing coordinated cooperation beyond the university, becoming one of the leader entities of its kind in China and participating actively in global environments”.


Our research bases aim to step up efforts for the comprehensive deepening reforms of Shanghai education and foster Shanghai World-class Discipline constructions as part of the reform overall plan. We are willing to be joined by academic leaders and research teams of excellence to add to our academic, industrial and social reputation and influence, forming a highly interconnected team across multidiscipline to produce scientific and research consulting and social services targeting at crucial industrial problems. We aim to improve our operational system, expand our research and consulting areas, booster our coordinated innovation competence. We are ready to raise our special discipline of Logistics Engineering and Management to a world-class and China-leading status.

Our research bases will strive to form a research institute that brings together multiple expertise from both in China and abroad, across businesses, disciplines, platforms, research teams. The aim of the bases is to become international platforms of research in FTZ and supply chain fields joined by highly skilled people both in industry and academia; to become a coordinated cooperation base and a pilot zone for the development of innovative systems. The Institute is determined to become a new type of university think tank at the end of 2020, radiating respected influences and reputations throughout the world by providing theoretical and practical support to governmental policy making and implementation processes; a think tank that guides the development of the supply chain industry through addressing the reform and transformation of industry enterprises.