Organization Structure

The Institute has two committees: the Supervisory Committee formed by co-establishing entities, governmental supervisory departments and participating organizations and the Committee of Experts formed by experts, scholars and managers from related multidiscipline.  The former committee is responsible for providing guidance for The Institute’s development, establishing future targets and tasks and providing support for the coordinated innovative implementation of The Institute. The Committee of Experts works to establish academic and research goals and implement developments of talent cultivations. Some of the experts from this committee are also members from the Expert Committee of Shanghai International Shipping Center under the leadership of Shanghai Urban Construction and Communications Commission.

The Institute has management departments responsible for scientific research, project implementation, coordination and co-operation respectively.  The Institute has four sub-institutes, which are FTZ Institute of Strategic Planning, FTZ Institute of Regulatory Services, FTZ Institute of Policy Innovation and FTZ Institute of Industry Services.  Five co-operative agencies have close ties with The Institute. They are China Dalian Institute for FTZ Supply Chain Research, China IQ Policy Research Institute, Harbor Testing Base, Tewoo Research Institute and the Leaders’ Office of Innovation, Cooperation and Coordination for China FTZ IQ Systems.  International cooperation research centers have been co-established by Shanghai Maritime University and international companies such as SMU-ISL, SMU-SMI, and SMU-HKSRC. Innovative platforms have been developed by talent teams guided by academic leaders.