Huang Youfang

Welcome to China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Supply Chain Institute for Research (referred as “The Institute” in the following texts). The Institute was established on 31st October 2013 at Shanghai Maritime University, aiming to contribute to the implementation of ≪China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone Framework Plan≫ and ≪Opinions of the Implementation of < China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone Framework Plan and the proceed of establishing Shanghai International Shipping Center >≫ co-published by the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

China is the world’s largest developing country and recently became the second largest economy. It has becomes as the World’s second largest consumer market and has become the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer of merchandise goods since 2010. Significant governmental policies and packages of economy adjustment are essential for China’s structural economic reform and global supply chain strategies and high-standard free trade zone development can be part of the solutions. The core innovation of the development of free trade zones should lie in the reform for the supply chain of FTZ, which is a chain of combined Four Flows of People, Commodity, Money and Logistics. The development potential of the industrial chains in a FTZ should be released by cultivating the core competitiveness of the supply chain at a higher level of participation in global cooperation and competition. Competitions amongst free trade zones will depend on the competition amongst their supply chains thus the research for FTZ supply chains within the world’s high-standard trade agreements framework should be implemented at a strategic level.

The aim of The Institute is to provide strategic, methodological and intelligent support for the development of China’s free trade zones in regard to the world’s trend of free trade and free trade zone development in regard to international investment and trade agreements with high standards. The research outcomes and development practices of free trade zones should be organically coordinated as to intensify the overall development of industrial chain and supply chain in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

The Institute was co-established by Shanghai Urban Construction and Communications Commission, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administrative Commission, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Maritime University. The Institute has extensive collaborative ties with over 30 institutions such as government departments, universities, institutes, industry associations, enterprises as well as many overseas research institutes. The Institute continues to make use of the current knowledge resources and in the meantime, explore and deepen domestic and international co-operations. The Institute continues promoting a market-based, socialized and coordinated innovative operation to improve its organizational structures and co-operational systems. The development of The Institute has drawn close attention from the media and social community.

Located in Shanghai, facing China and embracing the world, The Institute will continue to take steps to become one of the most excellent institutes for FTZ supply chain research and one ranking amongst the leading university-based think tanks for FTZ supply chain research. This target is fulfilled by the efforts made by the co-operative partners of The Institute based at Shanghai Maritime University, using the privilege of the university’s unique location, supporting policies, discipline constructions, testing base development, industry and global co-operations. The Institute is dedicated to conducting research that covers all aspects of FTZ supply chain. It covers a broad range of research areas such as shipping, logistics, policies, regulations and intelligence. We address significant FTZ-related issues such as shipping services, logistics services, customs and Inspection and Quarantine (IQ), supply chain policies, APEC supply chain, supply chain intelligence, shipping and talent development. We provide a whole range of practices of research and consulting, political, industrial, academic and research collaboration, overseas collaboration, advanced education and training, information release etc.

We will continue to devote to bring The Institute into the future of a coordinated innovative platform where first-class scientific research and consulting are implemented, first-class teamwork is built and first-class services is targeted for government departments and enterprises. With this devotion, we are poised and ready to provide solutions in accordance with national initiatives and requirements during the developmental processes of FTZ and Shanghai international shipping center. We believe that with the collaborative efforts and supports from our colleges and partners and holding the core values of exploration, devotion, truth-seeking and innovation, our institute will be definitely contributing our efforts to the development of China (Shanghai) FTZ and Shanghai international shipping center as well as China’s economic transition.


President of Shanghai Maritime University

Dean of China (Shanghai) FTZ Supply Chain Institute

Youfang Huang