1. Management Science and Engineering

The division for Management Science And Engineering disciplines started in 1986 and the Master Degrees Program was approved by China Ministry of Education in 1996. In 2014, there are 20 Professors, 30 Associate Professors with 10 professors with Doctoral Mentor Qualification in the division. The division is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National 863 project, a number of scientific research projects of international cooperation projects. In the meanwhile, the division published more than 300 papers in interdisciplinary theory and methods of traffic management decision-making, shipping and logistics information processing theory and engineering technology , areas of port and shipping systems , supply chain analysis and optimization of container shipping industry structure optimization and strategic management, knowledge engineering and port technology, intelligent decision formation characteristics and advantages of the subject development . The program is dedicated to the development of shipping services in Shanghai and the provinces responsibility, personnel training in shipping management, strategic planning. The research fields includes the collection and distribution system research, logistics and process optimization, port and shipping logistics network design and system optimization, etc.


  1. Logistics Management and Engineering

The Program of Logistics Management and Engineering is a newly developed program in Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), based on the management science, logistics engineering, information engineering and transportation planning. The discipline is a key discipline in Shanghai, with a post-doctoral research stations, three doctoral programs, three master programs and one Master of Engineering program. Shanghai Maritime University is one of the important bases for the education & training of Logistics Management & Engineering in China. President of SMU, Professor of Huang Youfang, is the Director of Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education for the program of Logistics Management & Engineering. In the recent 5 years, the division has undertaken and completed a number of national and provincial research projects, won the Silver Prize of National Scientific And Technological Progress Award and a number of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. SMU is also an important international knowledge sharing plat on Logistics Management & Engineering.

The main research field includes the global supply chain management and supply chain process integration management, logistics, information technology and management, logistics system optimization and simulation. Research covers supply chain logistics management, procurement and supply chain management, transportation logistics, international logistics, third party logistics, logistics information systems, logistics system optimization and simulation, logistics equipment intelligent control and other areas. Graduated students are mainly working in the   logistics companies, transportation and management and planning departments, universities, research institutes and so on.