FTZ Institute of strategic planning

General Facts: 
Our major research activities focus in the formulation of the 13rd Five-year Plans for municipal governments and giant enterprises in regard to China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative. We have promoted the development plans for the logistics industry in cities of Shanghai, Linyi and Lianyungang etc. And as to copy and apply Shanghai FTZ development models nationwide, we have conducted early-stage research for other newly approved free trade zones with expanded innovative models that have been applied in Shanghai FTZ.
Research Projects: 

1. The 13rd Five-year Plan for Shanghai modern logistics development has been promoted as the policy making support for the innovative development of modern service industry and the transformation of modern logistics industry in Shanghai.

2. The construction plan for Zhoushan Sea Combined Service Center development has been involved as the core supporting parts of the report of the Center when it was submitted to China’s state ministries and commissions by the Municipal of Zhoushan. This development plan has been highly addressed by Premier Li keqiang.

3. The development and layout plan for the logistics industry in the city of Linyi have created major policy making supports in the development process of becoming one of the key production materials bases in northern China.

4. The 13rd Five-year Plan of development and industry upgrade for international logistics parks of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Lianyungang has been addressed by President Xi and Premier Li as an important contribution to the development of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative.

5. Research for FTZ policies applied for China Railway has generated breakthroughs for the company’s development strategies.

Research Staff: 
Headed by Professor Siqin Yu, our academic team has brought together multidisciplinary expertise, including 12 research staff of 4 professors, 3 associate professors and 5 lecturers.