FTZ Institute of industry services

General Facts: 
Over the years we have provided giant state-owned enterprises with strategic development plans and also with supports for their transformation and innovation in adapting the trends of nationwide free trade zone development. These enterprises include some of the top state-owned commercial groups across disciplines such as China Shipping, Port of Dalian Group, Ningbo Port Group, Sinotrans-CSC, Tewoo Group etc. With our help and support, these enterprises have been actively engaged in fighting for policy breakthroughs and pilot policies applications so as to contribute practical experiences as typical models for China’s supply-side reform of state-owned enterprises.
Research Projects: 

1. We have promoted strategic development plans for group enterprises for the first time, based on our innovative research ideas and concepts of the combined “Four flows” (of People, Commodity, Money and Logistics) in supply chains. We have also developed innovation-evaluation indices during the cultivation of “Four Competences” of a company (a company’s ability of control, own, provide service and adaptability of its supply chain). Projects that we have fulfilled such as the strategic plan for the reform and transformation of China Shipping based on supply chain innovation, plan for the reform and innovative development of Dalian Port based on supply chain strategies. Research for the reform and transformation of large-scale state-owned shipping and port companies have received recognition of excellence.

2. We have promoted a modern management methodology system to Nibong Port Group targeting at innovative management. The proposed system is established on evaluation indices such as modernization etc. and covers a broad range of management disciplines such as strategy, investment, business, capital operation etc.

3. Research on the Wuxi Model of Tewoo Group was conducted from the aspect of the combined Four flows of supply chain. Achievements from the research include systems and models for the transformation and innovative development of the largest enterprise at Wuxi, Jiangsu Province and how these systems and models can be copied and applied to other enterprises.

Research Staff: 
Headed by Professor Xin Shi, our academic team has brought together multidisciplinary expertise, including 15 research staff of 5 professors, 4 associate professors and 6 lecturers.