Industry/research collaborations

  • Establishment of this laboratory has been started in 2016 under the cooperation among Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and China Quality Certification Center. The co-establishment agreement has been achieved after rounds of discussion and coordination among the co-establishing agencies. Currently the laboratory is under at the first stage of construction.

  • As a sub-institute under China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Supply Chain Institute for Research, this institute has been co-established by Shanghai Maritime University and Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Its aim is to develop an integrated system of inspection and quarantine with improved quality, warranted safety and sustainability that can be copied and applied nationwide.

  • The aim of this platform is to provide a vibrant and innovative research and service hub covering a broad range of multidiscipline of trade, logistics, finance, economics, laws etc. These research disciplines are distinctive among each other but are also interconnected and should be integrated. Spotlights of international trade development for the future Internet are to be targeted at as the major research themes of this platform. The establishment and development of this platform will make contributions to the strategic development of FTZs in China under the continuously updating pattern of international trade.

  • Tewoo Institute was co-established by Tewoo Group, Nankai University, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics in 2015. The vision of this institute is to foster the abilities of integrated services of the full industrial chain to help Tewoo Group and other companies become world-class enterprises. Bringing together multidisciplinary expertise, The institute creates a mass of activity in industry, education, research and practical application. Severn platforms have been established in this institute. They are platforms for the aggregation and integration of social resources, cultivation of talent of excellence, cooperated and coordinated development of universities and enterprises, innovation of business operation and management, industry upgrading, communication services of policy information and construction of enterprise culture. By making full use of the tight cooperation amongst universities and benefited from their integrated advantages, the institute is dedicated to generate innovative research results applicable to practical exercises as to promote transformation and sustainable development for the enterprises and cultivate modern international talents of excellence. 

  • The Institute was co-established by China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Supply Chain Institute for Research and Port of Dalian Group in 2014. The vision of this institute is to be a national-class enterprise university with special emphasis on port and shipping technology. Research centers have been developed in this institute such as the Center for leadership development, Center for technology and skill safety certification, Center for enterprise culture cultivation etc.